Art of Liberation

Mission: A genuine safe space for inclusive programs, products and services. Mental health advocacy that stems from various forms of non-licenced therapy (art healing, botanical, fitness, alternative healing, harm reduction, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, anti-violence, supports with an indigneous perspective centering in conscious decisions and freedom of choice. We provide information through workshops blogs, social media and youtube channels.

Vision: We aspire to create a movement for all renegades around the world who are exhausted by the judgement stigma and bias that block our pineal and pituitary gland. People who want to reform societal norms and be reliant on the globalist system resisting the globalist system. These inspiring renegades can be The Black Panther Party for Self Defense, David Icke, Windigo Army, The Grapevine, AIM (American Indian Movement), Billy Carson, Regina Meridith and any figures that encourages independant thought.

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