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About Art of Liberation

Art of Liberation is a nonprofit community, founded by Nanika Easy. Nanika is an understanding, passionate, wild, revolutionary conscious human being, seeking purpose and living life the best that can be done. Born and raised in Toronto with parents fro El Salvador and Jamaica, Nanika graduated with a social work diploma at George Brown College in Toronto, ON. Currently partnered with Stolen for Africa, another nonprofit. My artist and graffiti name is Unity Consciousness. I am a student and a teacher of multi cultural awareness, kindness, balancing and aligning mind body and soul, arts, culinary skills, communications, social work, community building, self development, self care practices and critical thinking skills. My goal is to fully comprehend speaking, reading and writing in Spanish and the pipil language Nahuatl used by 1 million+ mesoamerican people. I encourage people to be the best they can be through a nonjudgemental and nonbias lens.

Spencer Sparks is Nanika’s partner and co-founder of Art of Liberation, passionate, fearless, selfless, loving, caring, human being. He is MC Fresh by day and graffiti writer Huron at night. Graduate of Shatiwennenkaratats (we raise the words) mohawk immersion located on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory where he grew up enjoying the Traditional environment where he immersed himself, gaining traditional insight through longhouse teachings and community based practices. Always contributing to the positive creative outlets through community programs focused on self identity and self sustainability, Spencer has always been focused on helping those around him maintain while dealing with lifes difficulties. The   

Art of Liberation’s mission is to create a genuinely safe space for inclusive programs, products and services to transform trauma work into a creative expressive outlet in alternative to drugs, capitalism and violence. Mental health advocacy that stems from various forms of non-licenced therapy (art healing, botanical, fitness, alternative healing, harm reduction, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, anti-violence, supports with an indigneous perspective centering in conscious decisions and freedom of choice. We educate and learn through workshops blogs, social media and youtube channels.

Our vision is to aspire to create a movement for all renegades around the world who are exhausted by the judgement stigma and bias that block our pineal and pituitary gland. People who want to reform societal norms and be reliant on the globalist system resisting the globalist system. These renegades can be The Black Panther Party for Self Defense, David Icke, Windigo Army, The Graprevine, AIM, Billy Carson, Regina Meridith and any figures that encourages independant thought.



  • Communication
  • Diverse/inclusive
  • Ecosystem
  • Family/community
  • Honesty
  • Indigenous perspectives
  • Power of the question
  • Love/Peace
  • Learner-focused
  • Religion/spirituality
  • Respect
  • Wellbeing

What we got going on.

Check out our latest updates. We have upcoming videos, twitch streams, blogs, paint sales, paint nights, outdoor activities, wellness activities and more!




The Goal

To envision a positive change in our community. Leaving the vision up to the people to continue or build on my vision through community building and encourage others to do better for themselves as a balanced human species.

As an artist, it is our responsibility to leave the legacy of the times behind for future generations. With intention, we can create a vision that caters to the image of not only what we observe, but see through a creative lens with subliminal and abstract messages in our creative piece of art.

“Sometimes the only one stopping your full potential is yourself”

Nanika Easy