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Feel free to support through donations or buying our multimedia outlets of creative expression. This website is still underworks. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or DM me via ig @artofliberation_7 or my shop @aolmultimediashop.

Art of Liberation

Real eyes realize real lies. Have you been about liberating your self from your demons through creative outlets? Are you considering going down a path of creative, spiritual freedom. Join us as we continue our journey of truth seeking and exploring our conscious and traditional parts of ourselves as natural beings in our natural environment.

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We teach and learn holistic practices based self development and community building oriented strategies.




Upcoming Workshop

Know your Culture 1-week program.

15 slots available

$50 each session


“Give and expecting nothing in return has an outcome of greater proportions than expecting something in return. Maintain gratitude over selfishness”

Nanika Easy, Unity Consciousness